I Preach Death!

 I preach death;
 yes I preach
walk those who
 do not wish to listen.
Demons we have
within us,
all of us.
No these are
not otherworldly.
Psychological constructs,
we have with in the mind.
And one of these
I wish all of us to kill.

The ego must die,
for the better good.
The beast that lies within us
must ourselves be rid.

To you whose ego
you have become
show us a glimpse
of your beauty.
For I see no value
in the persona
you have put on.
Show us yourself
that it might be
a hideous thing.
Better that then
this thing that is
not really you.
And to those
who wear an ego
to disguise,
the world
hardened self,
Kill it, Kill it.
Become yourself.
Let those who meet
you want to know you
and befriend you not
your inflated ego.
An imposable task you say.
No I disagree.
Work it takes to know the self,
hard work
to the whole of you.

Yes the ego has its place
but no mask should become
a substitute for the self.
So to those who are your ego 
Kill it and let as see you.       

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  1. Any advice on how to improve this would be welcomed

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